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Jenny, a.k.a LootByLouise

To say I’m unique would be an understatement!  I’ve always listened to a different drummer in my life, loving to explore, inquire and examine those things which others may not see.  I love discovering what make’s something tick, looking at the details and finding the beauty that may be just beneath the surface.  When I look at people, I know that the truth lies within and I love helping others to draw out of themselves the unexplored possibilities that life has to offer.

My Family of Origin
The Knauer Family with Mike, Jenny, Melody, Melissa, Julia, Max and Mom

I am first and foremost ME – Jennifer Louise Knauer Doughty.…born in the “big city” of Des Moines, Iowa into a family with Daddy Max Jr. and Mom Doris; I had 2 older brothers to look up to and 3 tag-along sisters (just kidding girls!).  I had the great fortune of growing up in a neighborhood in the country, built on some pasture land of the farmer just up the hill at the end of the T-designed neighborhood streets.  With a pasture beside me, a woods behind me and the farm; what more could a tomboy want?

Those were the days when liability was not first and foremost on folks’ minds and a few of the neighborhood kids and I got to ride the ponies and quarter horses at the farmstead, explore the ponds and streams and play outside until well after dark; roaming the neighborhood at will.  A great place to grow up, while the landscape remains the same, alas the neighborhood grew, the farm pond disappeared and the metro area expanded to include our little bit of heaven.

Jenny & Kim Wedding Day
Newlyweds, Circa 1976

We all grew into a unique set of individuals, each bringing an element of home with them.  I married a small-town boy who took this serious gal and taught her how to laugh, believe in herself, let go of perfectionism and “loosen up” a bit.  My best friend, my confidante and my love; Kim Doughty taught me what life was all about and continues to teach me to this day.  Yes, I still often learn the hard way and in so doing find that I continue to grow and develop with each day bringing new opportunity to celebrate and experience all that life has to offer.

Ah, memories!  Reflecting back is a mixed blessing combining both joy and sorrow, yet it gives us a glimpse into the beauty of who we are, how we got to here and who we may yet become.  My hope is that as you read through my musings you will find joy, occasional humor, inspiration and opportunity for reflection.



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