My Heart Belongs to Clear Lake

Craft ShowThey say that “home is where the heart is”. Well twenty-eight years ago we realized our hearts belonged to Clear Lake. Life had thrown us one of those “curve balls” and there was an unexpected job change. My hubby was in a large city being interviewed for a job and was asked, “ are you sure you want to bring your three young daughters here?” We realized the answer was “no” and that everything we’d always wanted was right here in Clear Lake, Iowa.

Being raised in a larger city, I always loved the times spent visiting grandparents in their small hometowns. What I grew to understand was that I loved the sense of community, of caring and of pride that could be found in a town like ours. I remember once someone indicating that things were just not the same with all of the tourists around. I thought to myself, “you’re right – it’s even better” and felt happy that I chose to embrace the beauty, diversity and excitement brought into our community from people throughout the world. I’m thrilled when tourists come to town!

Chasing the WavesI love the energy of Clear Lake and the variety of things for both “townies” and tourists to do. I truly believe that without our amazing Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and the vision of the City of Clear Lake; our community would not provide the enrichment our family has been fortunate to experience. There are many amazing natural attractions in our community – our 3,684 acre lake; numerous nature areas and camping spots and a host of other places to visit and explore. But the tourist and the community this has become is what fills me with excitement.

Lady of the Lake by Jessica Lynn HannaMy daughter said “Mom, I grew up in a ‘Normal Rockwell’ town”. As I reflect on it I know she’s right.

In Clear Lake, Iowa there is something to do from sun up to sun down and late into the evening. Whether a person’s taste is the quiet and stillness of the the water lapping against the side of the boat while fishing; or the roar and excitement of a boat skimming swiftly over the lake; there’s something for everyone and every season. Theater, concerts in the park or at the Historic Surf Ballroom, guided fishing excursions, yoga on the beach,cycling, sailing, festivals, Farmer’s Market and more – Clear Lake is ready to explore!

YKMW at the Landingh

To learn more, please stop by the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce Website or click here to request your free visitor guide!

As you may guess, I love exploring and send out a *Thank you to the Clear Lake, Iowa Area Chamber of Commerce for organizing a recent trip to Chicago. Look for more of that later!

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