Spring’s Promise

Mother Nature keeps us on our toes, never letting us get too complacent with


what we perceive to be the status quo. Her beauty and power surprise us as we tear off the trappings of winter, stow away our heavy coats and dream of hot days and cool grass between our toes.

Boom! And there she goes, turning our world upside down and laughing one more time at our foolishness….of course she’s in charge!

We’ve all seen the jokes out there about Springtime in Iowa featuring many a fun photo due to the daily variant in temperature. Dressing in layers we never know if we’ll be hot or cold, chilled to the bone with a 20160209_075302(5)~2dampness that seeps to the very soul, or basking in the sunshine from an unexpected “heat wave” reaching into the 50’s.


Photo courtesy of Melseyeview

But I do love it! I always have. The winds of change flowing from so many directions bring an unexpected and always joy filled beauty…a promise of transformation that produces miracles in its wake. Hope for another day and the wonder that is

Spring.           Single Tulip

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Growing up through the 1960's and 70's, my generation experienced great change and challenge. With 2 older brothers & 3 younger sisters I found peace in connecting with nature, in art and music and in exercising my imagination. I try to believe the best in humanity and strive to love and share the gifts I've been given in my little part of the world. My siblings and kids might say I'm a little bit Crazy and being a unique combination of analytic and creative can argue with myself and have fun at the same time! My work has taken me from serving other in non-profits, to fund development, sales and marketing and back "home" again to sharing with others. With a penchant for the unique and beautiful in vintage pieces, I love to collect and share with others through both eBay & Etsy. I'm an Entrepreneur who loves learning and exploring the world around me; as well as a Mom, Grandma, sibling and daughter. My hope in life is that I can make a positive difference in the life of those around me! Cheers!


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